Trump’s Israel Visit — Hope And Optimism

Ultimately, it was hope, optimism, and gratitude that characterized his Israel visit.

“We have returned to the cisterns,” legendary Israeli songwriter Naomi Shemer crooned exactly 50 years ago in her famous song “Jerusalem of Gold,” which she revised to reflect Israel’s historic liberation of the Holy City. “A ram’s horn calls out on the Temple Mount in the Old City.”

On Monday, an American president visited Jerusalem for the first time in four years, and Donald Trump, in a symbolic gesture not lost on anyone here, visited the Western Wall at the base of that Temple Mount — the first sitting president ever to do so.

Trump, who campaigned vigorously as more pro-Israel than Hillary Clinton, has appeared determined to mend fences with the Jewish state, fences that President Obama, unfortunately, allowed to fall into disrepair.

Yet the president’s appearance in Israel coincides with a highly turbulent stretch of his young presidency, a delicate period in the relationship between his administration and the Jewish state, and a joyous but fraught moment in Israeli history.

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