The Bubble Is Real: Half of US Population Lives In Less Than 5% Of Nation’s Counties

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, the narrative of ‘Two Americas’ was validated. One red, one blue. One right, one left.

While Trump ended up winning a vast majority of the land mass in the country, along with the Electoral College, Hillary carried the popular vote by a couple million. She did this by winning decisively deep blue counties in deep blue states, particularly on the coasts of the country. These counties carried by Clinton have an enormous population advantage compared to the middle of the country.

A series of maps, produced by the website Dadaviz, show the extreme variance of U.S. population. The creators sought to break the country up evenly by population and where it tends to live. Below, you can see the U.S. population split evenly, 159.5 million vs. 159.3 million, between the most and least populated counties.

The data shows that one-half of the population is packed into only 5% of America’s counties…. continue reading


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