Thank God For The Leakers

It’s springtime for leakers!

The Trump administration is far and away the leakiest White Housein modern American history. And consequently, from high-ranking officials and White House staffers on down through Republicans in Congress to the legion of pro-Trump and anti-anti-Trump cheerleaders in the media, those looking to defend our hapless, bumbling, state-secret-divulging commander in chief invariably respond to the latest news story about the president’s stupefying incompetence by screaming: “But what about the leaks?!?!”

What about the leaks indeed.

I’m not immune to this. After Michael Flynn was forced out as Trump’s national security adviser, I wrote an angry column about the leaks that brought him down. Anonymous sources from within the intelligence community had inspired a series of stories in the press that had forced out a senior administration official in a matter of days. This was unorthodox. Dangerous. Following Eli Lake of Bloomberg News, I even called it an example of “police state” tactics….continue reading


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