Let Trump Be Trump

The president should cut out the middle men and be his own Messenger-in-Chief.

After the past two weeks, one must ask: How many parallel universes can the U.S. political system endure?

Let us enumerate the celestial bodies traveling along independent orbits just now: Donald Trump, Sean Spicer, the Beltway press chorus, the White House’s Borgia factions, 2018’s at-risk congressional Republicans, the Schumer Democrats, the mosquito clouds of social media, and the various people working in what little exists so far of the Trump government.

One more parallel universe deserves mention: the Trump vote, which decided the 2016 election. Oh, them.

The Trump vote sits out in the country watching the Washington spectacle of all things Comey, all things Russian, rumors of White House firings, and the president’s tweetstorms….continue reading


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