Flashback: If Trump Obstructed Justice With Comey, Wasn’t Obama Similarly Guilty on Clinton Probe?

Let’s stipulate from the start that the New York Times story on President Trump’s alleged interaction with then-FBI Director James Comey earlier this year raises serious concerns about undue political interference in a criminal investigation. As I wrote last night, Congress should demand to see the memo in question (Fox News confirmed its existence), and Comey must be called to testify about it under oath. Both outcomes have already been set in motion. And while they’re at it, Congress should review any and all Comey memos describing his interactions with Trump. Questions: Did the former FBI chief keep similar records of his meetings with high-ranking members of the last administration? Might those be of interest, too?  Obvious initial questions for Comey would include authenticating the reported memo, asking how he perceived Trump’s overtures on the Flynn probe at the time — and, if he felt there was a genuine attempt to obstruct the Bureau’s work, why didn’t he blow the whistle immediately and resign? We don’t have any of those answers yet, which is why impeachment talk is premature, to say the least….continue reading



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