Dozens Of MS-13 Gang Members Nabbed In 50 Los Angeles Raids

It is 4:00 a.m., and a dozen ATF agents have poured out of an armored vehicle, preparing to break open the front and back doors of an inconspicuous store just outside downtown Los Angeles.

They suspect that storefront is a hub for the notorious MS-13 street gang.
Rifle-wielding officers suited in body armor and helmets appear ready for combat. They go in, but there is no violence. With the element of surprise on their side, agents peacefully take a half dozen people into custody.
One by one, they come out in handcuffs. Some are suspected gang members; some may be victims of human trafficking, authorities say.
A storefront might seem like an odd place to find them. But MS-13 members have been known to live in storefronts and have been suspected of using them as a cover for drug activity, prostitution and human trafficking.
CNN’s was the only TV crew that accompanied authorities during the raids.
At the same time, dozens of other raids were taking place across the city as hundreds of federal and local authorities stormed homes and storefronts, searching for high-ranking members of MS-13.



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