Dark Money Opponent Hillary Clinton Forms Group to Handle Dark Money

Hillary Clinton announced on Monday that she’s launching a new organization, Onward Together, to help educate, train and embolden her former supporters to oppose the Trump administration—but she’ll remain quiet on at least one issue key to progressive Democrats.

She’ll be following in President Obama’s footsteps, working as a “community organizer” to help empower other community organizers to “get involved.” According to Onward Together’s about page, she and her group will aim to “resist bullying, hate, falsehoods, and divisiveness, and stand up for a fairer, more inclusive America.”

But Clinton’s new organization isn’t a selfless, 501(c)(3) charity designed to help further democracy out of the goodness of her and her donors hearts. It’s a 501(c)(4), better known by Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters as a “dark money” organization.

Donations to 501(c)(4) organizations aren’t tax deductible, which means the organizations don’t have to disclose their donors—or, really much of their financial information at all….continue reading


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