WashPost Fake News Report: Trump Leaked Information To The Russians Last Week That’s So Sensitive, We Can’t Even Talk About It

Pro-tip for people trying to discern fake news from the main stream media: whenever a salacious story appears out of nowhere, typically of an incredulous nature, copy and paste the article into a word press file to see if the word count is more than 1,500. Usually, the media propagandists dress up their fake reports with a lot of subterfuge, in order to give it the semblance of importance. Any normie might see tonight’s Washpo report, claiming the President revealed top secret info, without naming sources or even the slightest details of what the intel was about, and think it was important, since it was so long and wordy.

Meanwhile, the report is 100% shit, without sources or anything in it to be taken seriously…. continue reading


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