CAIR urges Muslims not to talk to FBI

Civil-rights’ group casts law-enforcement terror inquiries as harassment


In its latest annual “Civil Rights Report,” the Council on American-Islamic Relations continues to encourage Muslims not to cooperate with the FBI and other law-enforcement officers.

CAIR’s “Civil Rights Report 2017: The Empowerment of Hate,” released May 9, considers FBI questioning of Muslims seeking information about Islamic terrorists to be a form of harassment, casting it as an “anti-Muslim bias incident,” noted the influential blog Jihad Watch, edited by Robert Spencer.

“CAIR pretends to be a civil rights organization,” Spencer told WND, noting the organization’s critics long have pointed to evidence it’s a Hamas-Muslim Brotherhood front intended to obstruct counter-terror efforts.

“Its long record of discouraging cooperation with the FBI shows its critics to be right,” he said…. continue reading


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