Breathing thin air could reverse brain damage, study finds

Mice with a neurological disorder that were given air containing just 11% oxygen quadrupled their lifespans.

Brain damage caused by inherited diseases could be reversed by breathing thin air, a new study suggests.

Research on mice found that using oxygen deprivation could prevent or even reverse mitochondrial disorders, scientists have said.

Mitochondrial diseases are caused by defective DNA in the mitochondria – tiny rod-like power plants in cells that supply energy.

They are only passed on to children through the mother and can cause conditions including muscle wasting; heart, liver and kidney damage, eye and hearing problems and learning disabilities.

One type of mitochondrial disorder – known as Leigh syndrome – affects muscles and growth and leads to early death from respiratory failure.

Scientists studying mice genetically engineered to develop a form of the syndrome found that halving the amount of oxygen in their air extended their lifespan from 58 to 270 days….

Source: Breathing thin air could reverse brain damage, study finds


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