‘Keep America safe in cyberspace’: Trump signs cybersecurity executive order

President Donald Trump has signed a long-awaited executive order designed to strengthen the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure and the federal government’s computer networks. It is the White House’s first action at defending the US against hackers.

“The trend is going in the wrong direction in cyberspace, and it’s time to stop that trend and reverse it on behalf of the American people,” White House Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert said at the daily White House press briefing, announcing that the president had already signed the executive order.

There are three main thrusts of the order: strengthening the cybersecurity of federal networks, of critical infrastructure and for the country overall. It contains the word “cyber” 39 times.

On the federal side, each government agency has 90 days to create a plan to fit the criteria outlined in the  National Institute of Standards and Technology’s 2013 cybersecurity framework (and any subsequent updates to the document), among other tasks. It also calls for all 190 federal agencies to move onto a centralized IT network….

Source: ‘Keep America safe in cyberspace’: Trump signs cybersecurity executive order — RT America


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