The House’s Job Now? Keep Calm

The Senate is going to alter the health-care bill. Be open to ideas that can improve it.

Republicans finally hit a home run with the vote Thursday to pass a health-care bill that will help millions of struggling Americans. They showed that the system of old-fashioned Washington negotiations and compromise still works. They proved they can govern. They caused heads to explode in the media and among liberals rooting for failure—always a good sign.

Yet one of Republicans’ most notable successes is so far getting too little recognition. GOP negotiators embraced the only model that can ultimately see this bill successfully to President Donald Trump’s desk: states’ rights.

Understand, the real agony of health-care negotiations is only starting in the Senate. That process is going to be tortuous and will take at least a month, probably longer. The Senate is where procedure reigns supreme, and many pieces of the bill will come under the scrutiny of the parliamentarian. It is extremely likely that core sections will be ruled out of order under the Senate’s complicated process of budget reconciliation.

That includes the fragile compromise between GOP conservatives and moderates that would allow governors to opt their states out of certain ObamaCare mandates. This was the glue that finally stuck together enough House votes to pass the bill. If and when the provision is struck, the media will roll out banner headlines designed to stoke division. Once again the bill will be pronounced dead. The script practically writes itself….

Source: The House’s Job Now? Keep Calm – WSJ


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