Liberal Writers Say Asking Questions Is the New Climate Change ‘Denial’

Liberal writers have predictably claimed conservative columnist Bret Stephens’s first column for The New York Times is a form of stealth global warming “denial” disguised as asking reasonable questions of environmental activists and climate scientists.

Writers at The New Republic (TNR) and Vox argue Stephens’s “reasonableness” and platform makes him more dangerous than someone who outright denies the existence of man-made global warming.

“What Stephens is doing is still a form of climate-change denial, just stealthier,” TNR’s Emily Atkin wrote Tuesday. “And his faux-evenhandedness has earned him a major platform from which to push bad-faith, misleading interpretations of the science, providing intellectually lazy excuses for America to keep kicking the can down the road while the planet slowly burns up.”

Vox’s David Roberts tweeted Stephens is “just another off-the-shelf conservative hack desperately groping for new ways to obscure this issue.” Roberts said “Stephens’ presence on the most valuable real estate in journalism just helps ensure that the climate debate remains dumb kabuki.”

The NYT’s hiring of Stephens sent off alarm bells among left-wing environmental activists. Some journalists and activists canceled their subscriptions, and others called on the paper to fire the former Wall Street Journal writer.

Liz Spayd, The NYT’s public editor wrote that “[n]o subject since the election has come close to producing this kind of anger toward The Times,” adding that some of Stephens’ colleagues were critical of his hiring.

Stephens’ first column — “Climate of Complete Certainty” — urges more skepticism in the global warming debate, arguing climate activists carry an air of pretentiousness….

Source: Liberal Writers Say Asking Questions Is the New Climate Change ‘Denial’ |


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