Fixing health care: Yes, it is simple

Where words are many, sin is not wanting.” – Proverbs 19:10

The 2016 platform to repeal the worst health-care law in American history resulted in one-party control of executive and legislative branches of the federal government in 2017. But voters soon re-learned that campaign promises are simple to make, yet hard to keep. It’s all so much more complicated and difficult, we are told, than repealers would have us believe.

Really? Perhaps rather than asking how government can repeal the monstrous law it created, we should first look back in time, a time most of us still remember well, and ask a simpler question:

QUESTION: How did America create the greatest health-care system in the world?

ANSWER: The free market. The free market is simply people doing what they feel is in their best interest, without having to consider what the government wants. In health care, that means a person who wants to be healthy seeks the services of specialists who want to be paid to keep them that way. Insurance companies added another benefit people wanted – preventing financial ruin in the event of serious illness or disability – and competed for Americans’ dollars in the free market. This created the worst health-care system in the world, except for all the others….

Source: Fixing health care: Yes, it is simple


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