Trump tax cut right on the money

Stephen Moore blasts notion economy can’t enjoy greater than 2% growth

As sure as the cuckoo clock chimes at midnight, the left is bloviating that Donald Trump’s tax plan will blow a $5 trillion hole in the deficit. Many of the people complaining loudest were in the Obama administration and helped preside over a $9 trillion tidal wave of new debt. Now they are fiscally chaste. Sure.

They maintain that a tax cut has to be paid for by corresponding tax increases on someone else. But raising taxes on Paul to pay for a tax cut for Peter negates the positive effects of the tax reduction. This also incites powerful interest-group opposition to the tax bill and makes it less likely that it will happen – which is exactly why the left is insisting on revenue neutrality. They want to torpedo the tax cut.

Steve Forbes, Larry Kudlow, Arthur Laffer and I recently signed a statement urging President Trump to drop revenue neutrality because it is a trap. We called for a net tax cut and implored him to make the cut immediately. Kudos to Trump for getting this right.

The point of the Trump tax cut is to get more jobs and higher wages. America needs real and sustained growth of 3 or 4 percent….

Source: Trump tax cut right on the money


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