WikiLeaks: Agenda Compromised or Stronger Than Ever?

New Dump Revealing CIA Surveillance Capabilities Another Development Leaving Many Wondering if Entity is Being Manipulated

Love him or hate him, Julian Assange has a way of keeping himself at the top of the newsreel these days.

The latest trove of documents revealed via Assange’s infamous WikiLeaks platform is the first of a multi-part series known as “Vault 7.” Mysteriously teased in February, Vault 7 reveals a variety of details on the depth and breadth of the Central Intelligence Agency’s hacking capabilities.

According to the information put out by WikiLeaks, which seems to be authentic, the CIA is able to probe the personal communications devices of people all over the world. This includes iPhones, Android devices, computers, and even Samsung smart TVs. By rooting communication devices, the CIA is able to read the contents of communications before they are encrypted by popular services like Signal and WhatsApp.

The hack is not only revelatory in terms of the devices and programs compromised by the CIA, but the fact that the CIA has let its cyber weapons be traded so freely among government contractors and others in the web of hackers employed by the CIA. In addition, it appears that the CIA is capable of misattributing their cyberattacks to other state actors, thus throwing into question some of their intelligence assessments about recent cyberattacks….

Source: WikiLeaks: Agenda Compromised or Stronger Than Ever? – WhoWhatWhy


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